Gir ka Gyan

You would fall in love with the Gir cows as you get to know more about them. Gir cows are the most intelligent and smart breed of cows around. They need not to be trained or guided all the time. These cows have emotions like we do, they feel happy and become sad as well. When their milk is consumed by humans, its loving, caring emotions are transferred to them. Apart from their emotions the indigenous breed of cow also looks different from the hybrid breed of cows. They have a different kind of hump, forehead, horn and appearance.

Almost all ancient Indian breed of cows, which is propagated in Vedas as well, has a prominent hump. The hump has a lot more relevance than we imagine. Our scriptures says that Gir cow hump contain a vein called Surya Ketu Nadi, this (vein) absorbs all the positive energy and radiations from sun and moon. The energy gets transformed into valuable nutrients and mingles in the milk. The presence of vein is the sole reason why our Vedas have suggested us to consume milk and other byproducts of GiR cow. This vein is absent in the hybrid and foreign breed HF & Jersey Cow. Hence all the milk we have been consuming in our daily lives are of A1 category, produced from the hybrid breed of cows.

Vedas says that Gir cow ghee is the best natural immunity booster to kids. The reason again give us an opportunity to look the Gir cow more closely. Gir cow has a very prominent specific fold of skin below its neck. The dewlap is responsible for giving the immunity power to cows which reflects in the ghee made out of Gir cow’s milk. The scriptures also supports the fact that the calmness a Gir cow has is also replicated in people who consume the ghee, milk and other by- products of Gir cow.

Our lives with Gir cows

People says that we breed and keep cows but we never agree to it. The Gir cows at our farm is part of Kalyya Farm family and forms a backbone. We put the equal amount of time and effort to nourish our cows and our kids at home. The cows are raised in free environment free from the captivity. They gaze free in farms where the land is kept fertile and bacteria free by all natural means only. To ensure their health, entry of chemicals and pesticides are restricted in Kalyya Farm. To grow the feed for our beloved Gir cows, we use cow dung and cow urine only as bio fertilizers in the field. Our feed include natural herbs like Ashvagandha & Shatavari which is necessary to keep their health up. The 24*7 presence of a veterinary specialist makes them always under supervision.