Kalyya Farms

Kalyya Farms is one vertical of Khubchandani group. The group is ventured into different verticals like hospitality, real estate, dairy farming, manufacturing etc. The first venture of the group was a manufacturing unit known as Lao More Biscuits, which serves number of renowned brand of biscuits in the country. The group has diversified its portfolio and moved into hospitality sector with a highly successful venture – Thar Oasis Resort and Camp in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Under the banner of Prowess Properties, the group expanded it wings in real estate as well. The Khubchandani group, with its multiple verticals, have become a synonyms to trust and reliability.

Organic Cow Ghee


Our Founder

The Group’s second generation entrepreneur Mr Kamal Khubchandani, who himself is a highly health conscious soul, identified the void created between nature and humans in terms of the consumption patterns. With the establishment of 100% organic farm - Kalyya Fram, he made a promise to reestablish the link between nature and humans. Milk and ghee are considered as necessity for prolong life and human wellbeing in our ancient texts. Away from any adulteration, Kalyya Frams has started with providing pure A2 category Gir Cow Ghee, milk and other by-products. The process to be followed for production involves only humans as originally prescribed in Ayurveda. We believe that the concept of healthy lifestyle is being compromised as soon as the machine or chemical gets involved in production. Hence we, at kalyya Farm ensured no such materialistic interference should be there. Right from the breed of gir cow, its feed and natural environment which the cows live in, everything is being monitored to keep it away from modern processes.

Process of Gir Cow Ghee Making

There are numerous methods available for making ghee in commercial dairy farming. Each of the methods directly affects on the fat content of ghee. The large commercial dairy farms may produce A2 cow ghee but this category does not always belong to to Gir organic cow ghee. At Kalyya Farms, we make ghee with process as prescribed by Ayurveda. We make sure that Kalyya’s desi Gir cow ghee contains only healthy and 100% digestive fats.

To get real Gir organic cow ghee, we use the ancient ghee making method which is called "bilona ghee". Ghee which is made by this technique is rich in boosting immunity, treating ulcers, constipation and more. This age-old technique is far more expensive compared to any other means of making ghee, hence the Gir A2 cow ghee produced from “bilona” process is more expensive. It demands huge quantity of milk for processing and the only byproduct you get is buttermilk.

Process of Gir Organic Cow Ghee making at Kalyya Farms

Organic Cow Ghee

Our Mission


"To serve the society with all possible natural farm produce and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Mr. Kamal Khubchandani