Bilona Gir Cow Ghee is the Best Nutrient for Our Body


Ghee is added for its health value to nearly every dish cooked at home. A spoonful of A2 bilona Gir cow ghee enhances the flavor of food. Bilona Gir cow ghee is the best nutrient for our body as it is an essential component in nearly every cuisine since it enhances the flavor of the dish. Because of the benefits it provides, it is rightly said that A2 bilona ghee is the best nutrient for our bodies. People in today's world are unaware of the significance of ghee.


Steps how a bilona ghee prepared is as follows

•  First, the desi Gir cow's milk is boiled and then allowed to cool.
•  It is next stirs in a spoonful of curd to the milk.
•  The mixture is then left at room temperature until curd forms.
•  Then it churns the curd properly once it has formed in order to extract the butter.
•  Then it lets the butter come to a boil. 
•  This is done in order for the water to evaporate
•  Desi Gir cow bilona ghee is finally produced.


Some of the benefits of bilona Gir cow  ghee are as follows

•  It helps digestion and nutrient absorption. The fatty acids in ghee are readily broken down into energy by the liver, which aids the body's absorption of vitamins A, D, K, and E.

•  It is commonly preferred by women since it helps keep the skin healthy and youthful due to its anti-aging qualities.

•  The body's ultimate store of energy ensures that the reproductive system remains immune and efficient. The presence of vitamin A in A2 bilona ghee aids the body in the production of Ojas, which reduces free radicals and improves immunity.

•  It helps the nervous system to develop. It is essential for school-age children because of its potential to improve memory.

•  It is an essential component in herb preparation since it works as a carrier for the herbs to readily travel within the body.

•  This ghee contains butyric acid, which aids in the rebuilding of mucosal barriers, reducing the outflow of undigested food material and feeding intestinal cells.

•  It also protects the body from toxins by dissolving them and letting them flow through the digestive tract.


Kalyya Farms Bilona Gir cow Ghee

Bilona Gir cow ghee is the best nutrient for our body also the advantages of Desi Cow Ghee are numerous. It is only via experience that one may get it. However, be sure your Desi Cow Ghee is made from the milk of organically grass-fed Desi cows. Because any other Ghee that may have been tampered with will not serve its function! We, at Kalyya Farms, provide you such pure, unadulterated Desi Gir Cow Ghee produced using the ancient Bilona technique, in which our cows are also given natural grass and fodder, making it perfect for physical and mental wellbeing in people of all ages.