Difference between desi ghee and Gir cow ghee

Difference Between Desi Ghee and Gir Cow Ghee

Maybe you have wondered that what is so special about Gir cow ghee? And why Desi cow ghee is not that healthy to consume? Don’t worry; we will provide you with all the details and clear all your doubts.

Before we start further, let us tell you that Gir cow is one of the supreme cows breed.

About Gir cow breed

The Gir cow is one of the principal Zebu breeds originating in India. It is a proven fact that Gir cow and all other pure cow breeds of India produce pure milk, which is very easy to digest and healthy. Gir is the best and healthiest milk-producing cattle in terms of low fat and more protein. Pure gir cow milk has calcium, saturated fats, potassium which helps to control blood pressure. It also contains a vital acid that helps control bad cholesterol, so it improves overall heart health. The milk quality and health benefits make it more demanding and in the domestic and international markets.

About Desi cow breed

Desi cows, sometimes known as Brahman cattle, are a type of domestic cattle; its milk, which Ayurveda describes as sweet, cooling, and high nutritious value to our vital organs. Desi cow ghee refers to highly clarify butter, which is made by churning the milk obtained from the cow. Pure Desi ghee is made using the traditional method.

Difference between Gir cow ghee and desi ghee

Gir cow ghee is specifically from the milk of Gir cows; Desi cow ghee is prepared from A2 milk, which comes from various Indian cow breeds. Gir cow ghee comes from the milk of only Gir cows. Gir cow ghee slows down the aging process and makes your voice soft. Gir cow ghee does not cause any heart blockage. 

Desi cow ghee will boost your immunity, while Gir cow ghee is best for your overall health. Pure desi ghee  can improve the health of an unwell person, and Gir cow ghee is famous for its nutritional value that gives you the strength to recover faster. Gir cow breed is a rare premium breed, and they are found in Gir hills and Kathiawar forests. Gir cow has a vein that absorbs energy from the sun, making the milk far more superior than others.

Kalyaa farms are one of the few farms in Ahmedabad that produce and supply pure Gir cow ghee. We provide complete organic feed to our cattle and use the hand milking process. Our Gir cow ghee is pure, and we use the bilona homemade technique to produce ghee. We make sure that Kalyaa’s Desi Gir cow ghee contains only healthy and 100% digestive fats. Kalyaa farm is one of the few brands strictly following the Vedic method of the ghee-making process.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle can give you a happy and disease-free life.

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