Gir Cow Ghee Benefits

Gir Cow Ghee Benefits

For years now, you must have been hearing about the benefits of ghee. This essential element in your daily plate of food carries immense health advantages and you have been told about them, not only by your grandparents but also by the health experts.

But there are a few queries that must be definitively popping up in your mind. Is the ghee you are eating is pure? Does the ghee in your plate contain the right number of calories? Is it safe to consume or does it pose any risks to your or your family’s health? Well, those are some natural doubts, but this post has an answer for you.

Why Gir cow ghee is different?

There are a lot of cow breeds in the country. However, among all the cow breeds, there is a special mention of Gir cow. This is one of the purest forms of Zebu breeds existing in our country and that’s why the milk produced by this breed of cows is the purest. The contents in this milk carry innumerable health benefits such as blood pressure control. It can also keep your cholesterol under check and secure your body from a lot of health risks.

The bouquet of health attributes, which Gir cow ghee benefits present, makes it highly in demand. People from India as well as abroad, who regularly consume ghee in their food preparations and in their everyday meals, are regular buyers of the Gir cow ghee.

What is A2 cow ghee?

A2 cow ghee originates from A2 milk. Actually, this milk is obtained from different design cows. The flip side about this milk is that the cows can be crossbreeds and therefore, the purity of Desi cow ghee made from A2 milk cannot be assured.

Though you can still count on the A2 cow ghee benefits, they may not be compared with the benefits that gir cow ghee offers.

Where does Gir cow ghee come from?

There aren’t too many farms that produce Gir cow ghee. In this respect, Kalyaa Farms is particularly mentioned. You must be wondering what is so special about Kalyaa Farms.

1. At Kalyaa farms, gir cow ghee is extracted through “bilona ghee” method. This method is understood to be the most ancient one.

2. Some of the most painful and treacherous health disorders like ulcers, constipation, etc. can be treated with the Gir cow ghee supplied by Kalyaa farms.

3. Right from the extraction of milk to the preparation of Gir cow ghee, complete safety is ensured.

Providing people, a healthy lifestyle is the sole mission of Kalyaa Farms. As part of its mission, the firm has committed itself to generate a society where the most natural farm products can be obtained.


After knowing the Gir cow ghee benefits, you must be curious to buy this unique variant of ghee. Just as you, many other health-conscious people prefer Gir cow ghee milk. It is a question of your and your family’s health. For Enquiries, you may call the Farm number.