Gir Cow Ghee Expensive

Why is Gir Cow Ghee Expensive?

When you think you are paying some extra bucks for a product, you obviously look for the specialties of that product. Actually, there are some products in the world which come with a premium cost because they possess premium qualities, which means they got something which is unique and different. This is exactly so in the case of Gir cow ghee.

Kalyya Farm of Gujarat is always committed to provoke good health because it knows that good health is one of the biggest assets of man. Further, the group also understands that the best of health attributes can be extracted from the nature itself. With this perspective, Kalyya Farm has reared world’s most amazing breed of cows – Gir, and has made sure that the milk of these cows and products prepared from this milk are easily available for you at the best price.

Gir Cows – A Rare breed

If you don’t know about Gir cows, you must know about them. Gir cows are a rare kind of breed, particularly because they carry emotions, just like we human beings do. They express, feel happy and even show sadness on different occasions, in different events of life. Love is an inherent characteristic of their being and this love becomes an ingredient in the milk they deliver.

In other words, anybody who consumes the milk of Gir cow also consumes the same feelings of love and brotherhood. Isn’t that amazing and distinct? It sure is! And that’s not all; the people who regularly consume Gir cow milk, draw much more optimism and positive energy than others. Eventually, they share the same traits with others.

Gir Ghee – A complete health package

We have been hearing since our childhood that ghee is rich in terms of health benefits. But had we ever tried to find out whether the ghee we are consuming is of good quality or subpar standard? As a common practice, most people just go on buying anything.

But it is not so in the case of Gir ghee. The natural qualities of Gir cow milk continue to be available in Gir cow ghee also and that’s why this ghee is matchless in terms of health richness. The premium aspects existing in the form of health benefits contained in Gir cow ghee, make it a bit expensive than others.

Loaded with astonishing advantages, Gir cow ghee stands out and promises all the benefits you expect from consuming ghee regularly. This is truly the best for people who have poor eyesight, cough, anti-Flammarion or troubled due to constipation.

Thus we see that Gir cow ghee scales higher from every viewpoint and on every parameter. That’s the reason it is priced higher than all the other ghees available in the market.


The importance and benefits of Gir cow ghee have reached out too many people today. More and more people are inclined to consume Gir cow ghee and to live a good, healthy life. Their desire has been fulfilled by Kalyya Farm with the world’s best Gir cow ghee available at an unbelievable price.