Gir Cow Ghee in Delhi

Why is gir cow ghee good for health?

Grannies have been advising for ages to consume cow ghee for a healthy life. Why is there so much gung-ho about it?

Ghee has the incredible power of enhancing the taste and flavor of your meal, but is it the only thing that makes it a preferred food item? It has a long list of goodness.

Ghee has been misunderstood as unhealthy stuff by some people, but it is getting back its lost reputation and importance.

Can everyone have ghee? The answer is simple. Yes, everyone can have ghee. However, the amount of ghee that one can consume matters more.

Doctors recommend ten to fifteen grams of ghee per person per day for a healthy person. People suffering from cholesterol problems or cardiac trouble should refrain from consuming it in excess quantity.

Ayurveda, the ancient science of health in India praises ghee for its capability of balancing all essential health elements. Its fat-soluble healthy vitamins help in the absorption of nutrients required for good health. A2 Cow Ghee s an important flavoring ingredient in many contemporary dishes.

Gir Cow Ghee in Delhi brings the goodness of ghee and improves digestion and balances excess stomach acids. It maintains and repairs the mucous lining of the stomach and prevents scarring and blisters.

What type of ghee is recommended?

Clarified butter made from milk is called ghee. It is produced from buffalo or cow milk. Out of the two, cow milk is considered far better than buffalo milk for daily consumption. Being low-fat ghee, it is recommended for good health, the calorie count of both types of ghee is the same, though.

Does it mean any type of cow ghee is perfect? You should check for the FSSAI ag when you buy processed ghee. Refer to the ingredients and nutritional facts mentioned on the pack of A2 Gir Cow Ghee in Delhi.

Who should avoid ghee? As mentioned earlier, nobody should avoid ghee fully. The key is controlling consumption. Out of the recommended daily consumption of 15 to 20 grams of fat, ghee should not exceed 10 grams.

Ghee-a few interesting facts

Health specialists recommend the consumption of ghee in the raw form than in the cooked form. Keep enriching your deal and veggies by adding a spoonful of ghee or spread it over paratha's or carpets to enjoy the yummy health benefits. Popular health programs lead people towards this delicious ingredient.

Never overcook ghee as burning reduces the health benefits and hampers the natural aroma and taste.
Moderation is the key to good health. It is true with the consumption of cow ghee as well. If taken in a limited quantity, it helps in staying aware and reaping the amazing health benefits of ghee.


Ghee is a nutritional item that keeps you healthy and fit when it is taken in a limited quantity. The recommended consumption of ghee is two tablespoons daily. The rich nutrient profile of ghee reduces imbalance. Anyone looking for a healthy diet without losing out on important fats should turn to ghee. For more information, contact us.