Gir Cow Ghee in Mumbai

Gir Cow Ghee in Mumbai

From the breakfast items like paratha and toast to dal, rice or vegetables with your lunch and dinner, ghee is a popular and well-loved choice. It shows a significant presence in sweets and desserts with equal prominence.

No wonder, ghee is considered an important and an auspicious element in all the traditional Thalis and festival menus.

Though all types of pure ghee are good for health, Gir cow ghee holds a special place because of its unique properties. It is easy to get Gir Cow Ghee in Mumbai online.

What is Gir cow ghee?

It is the ghee produced using the git breed of cows. This breed originates from ancient India. The unique characteristic that distinguishes the Gir cow is known for its hump. It is believed that the quality, richness, and goodness of the Gir cow’s milk are superior.

Research has shown that the Gir breed of cattle possesses far healthier benefits than other breeds.

The benefits of Gir cow ghee

It is an immunity booster

The chemical composition of Gir Cow Ghee contains Vitamin A2, E, and D. It is also rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that boost the immunity of a person to external pathogens. It builds overall immunity stamina.

Its powerful antifungal and antiviral properties strengthen the immune system and keep us healthy.

It is good for bone health

Since it is rich in Vitamin D, Gir cow ghee is said to improve the physical development and bone health. It is easy to get good-quality A2 Gir Cow Ghee in Mumbai.

It improves the digestive system

Cow ghee is anyways good for digestion, but Gir Cow ghee is furthermore beneficial because of its high content of Butyric Acid. This ghee improves digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties also.

The dairy fats in Gir Cow Ghee are considered to be the easiest dairy fats by the human body. Ghee has anti-viral properties, which repairs the lining in the stomach and corrects the digestive system.

It reduces inflammation

Butyrate present in ghee is effective for reducing body inflammation. Gir cow ghee in Mumbai contains a higher percentage of butyrate and therefore, considered superior.

Lactose intolerant individuals who do not prefer milk or butter can also enjoy ghee without any trouble. Without worrying about gastrointestinal problems, they can eat ghee.

It enhances beauty

Ghee is admired by beauticians and dermatologists for dermatological enhancement. It softens the skin and improves skin tone. It improves smoothness and slows down the aging process. Gir Cow Ghee is said to be good in treating burns.

Thus, there are several benefits of ghee. It has added benefits and delicious nutty flavor. Its anti-viral properties contribute to a healthy digestive system and repair the stomach lining. People having intestinal disorders get benefited from cow ghee.


The advantages of eating cow ghee are many. Not only it improves the taste of food, but adds several health benefits as well. This health-boosting food has been praised by nutritionists and health specialists for ages. Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India recommends daily consumption of ghee for overall health improvement.