Incredible Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

Incredible Health Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

We live in a country where cow milk is treated as an effective medicine for many significant and minor health concerns. Everyone in India has observed their elders insist on having a glass of milk with honey or turmeric? Everyone living in villages and even metro parts of India is familiar with the importance and health benefits of Gir Cow Milk. In the world, Around 6 billion people are regular consumers of milk.
There are many uses of cow milk, and the use of Milk of Gir Cow is not confined to drinking purposes only as it is also used to make Curd, Butter, buttermilk (chaas), Ghee (clarified butter), Rabdi, and Lassi by using it.

These are some of the great benefits of Gir Cow Milk:

Keeps Heart Healthy - Pure Gir cow milk contains calcium, rich fats, minerals like potassium and phosphorus, which help regulate blood pressure. In addition to these minerals, A2 Gir cow milk also contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a vital acid that reduces Low-Density Lipoproteins, also known as bad cholesterol in the body. Thus, A2 Gir cow milk maintains heart health. 

A2 cow milk also has healing properties, and these properties have made it attain the status of super drink.

Gir Cow Mild Boosts Immunity- The milk of Gir cow has magnificent immune-boosting properties, which come as a blessing for those looking out to make their immune system better. 

The Gir Cow variant of milk holds calcium and protein and contains antioxidant compounds such as zinc and selenium. Gir cows' natural properties in milk help formulate a more robust immune system in people of all ages to help them fight against infections like cold, flu, cough, etc. Gir cow milk's immunity-boosting property is one of the fantastic and surprising health benefits of Gir cow milk.

Gir Cow Milk Helps with Weight - Regular consumption of milk of Gir cow will is very beneficial in reducing weight and preventing weight gain as it is a complete meal in its own right. It increases the metabolism rate known as BMR and makes one feel less hungry.

Gir Cow Milk has essential nutrients, making it perfect for getting rid of hunger pangs. Consumption of gir cow milk surely helps in Weight gain prevention, and it is one of the significant health benefits of this milk.

Gir Cow Milk helps with Brain Development- One of the most notable benefits is the miraculous brain development if the Milk of Gir cow is consumed regularly. The presence of vitamin B in an adequate amount in the milk of Gir cow has a calming effect on nerves. It helps to lower the stress of everyday life and helps prevent insomnia by maintaining a sound sleep cycle. 

The Gir Cow Milk contains vitamin B12, known for boosting memory. Gir Cow Milk can do wonders in the brain development of a growing child. A glass of milk daily can accelerate and improve brain performance. 

Gir Cow Milk for Stomach and Digestive System-  Gir cow milk is light and easy to digest on the stomach. Consuming Milk of Gir Cow regularly will be beneficial for the stomach & digestive system due to digestive enzymes. Gir cow milk is best for those trying to better their stomach health and help the digestion process. This milk helps in the effective functioning of the digestive system.


Gir cow milk comes with loads of benefits like various vitamins and digestive enzymes and a whole lot of micronutrients and Kalyya Farms helps you get all of those with their pure and unadulterated gir cow milk with perfect packaging. A2 Gir Cow Milk from Kalyya Farms with give you amazing health benefits. Try it once and you’ll know.