Which is the best A2 ghee brand in India?

Which is the best A2 ghee brand in India?

Undoubtedly, Ghee is a good source of healthy fats, it is one of the staple foods in Indian households. Ghee is beneficial for everyone from kids to adults. Pure desi ghee or A2 Cow Ghee benefits from kids to pregnant ladies as it helps to improve bone density and enhance good cholesterol level.

What is A2 Cow Ghee?

A2 Ghee is obtained from the grass-fed desi A2 Gir cow’s milk using traditional churning technique or vedic bilona method. This milk is full of A2 beta casein which is a type of protein found in desi cow’s milk. The main specifications of A2 beta casein is that it is only found in some special breeds of Indian cows also known as Gir cows. In India many people use this ghee as it has a better amino profile and it is easy to digest than any other milk available in the market. 

Which is the best A2 ghee brand in India? 

There are so many brands available in the market that are committed to provide pure A2 cow ghee but nowadays it is hard to check the purity of any product. At Kalyya Farms we ensure you provide desi gir cow ghee. At Kalyya Farms we made ghee only with vedic Bilona method that is approved by Indian Ayurveda. We provide an open environment to our cows and take care of them in every manner. Also we only feed them high-quality food that is totally chemical free. You can order A2 ghee online from our website and you will surely like our product.

Pure ghee is yellowish golden in color but many brands add artificial color to it. We follow all the standards to offer you the best quality ghee. Here are some of the ways to ensure the quality of pure A2 cow ghee:

• Check the ghee you are purchasing is declared a natural product, free from all the synthetic additives, preservatives and artificial flovors and color. 
• Check the milk used to make the is obtained from 100% certified grass-fed gir cows.
• Always make sure that you are reading the list of ingredients while purchasing. Many brands add coconut oil, vegetable oil etc. to defraud customers by selling vanaspati ghee. 
• Pure desi A2 cow ghee is expensive and it should cost you around two thousand indian rupees. 

What are the features of A2 Cow Ghee? 

A2 cow ghee is mainly obtained from grass-fed A2 gir cow’s milk. There is no use of other preservatives, components, or chemical products in this ghee. A2 desi gir cow has the following features:

• It is yellow in color because of the prevalence of Beta-carotene protein, this type of coloring pigment found in A2 milk. It is a good source of lycopene that adds vitamin A.
• It has a rough texture, which is clearly distinctive because it implies that the ghee was made using a law flame and traditional method.
• It has a mild aroma that melds with any dish.

What are the health benefits of Kalyy’s A2 gir cow?

Improves Digestion: 

Ghee obtained from A2 milk is easy to digest, that is why it is a most preferable choice for all age groups of people. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation.

Improves Bone Health:

A2 Cow Ghee Benefits helps to reduce inflammation which results in keeping your bone strong. If the elders of your family are going through joint pains, daily consumption of ghee and use for body massage for the lubrication of joints can help to reduce joint pains. 

Make Heart Healthy: 

Ghee is a good source of healthy fats, yes many people associate ghee with fat and a reduced heart health, the Omega-3 fatty acids found in A2 ghee reduce cholesterol level and offer a healthy boost to your heart. Not all the dairy products available in the market and A2 cow online are good for you to make sure you read all the ingredients properly. 

Heals & Nourishes the Skin:

When applied on burnt or dry skin, it gives a soothing effect and is helpful to treat different skin elements. If you have dry lips it can be made smooth and soft by applying pure ghee on them. If you want healthy skin and hair you can consume A2 ghee with milk at night will be beneficial.

Helps to boost Immunity:

Several vitamins like A, E, K and D found in A2 Cow Ghee benefits to build immunity. All these vitamins also help in the functioning of the heart and brain.

Healthy Substitute for Cooking Oil:

A2 gir cow consists of healthy fat and helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Desi ghee made with traditional Bilona method has a smoke point of around 450°F that is higher than most of the cooking oils and butter. However, when cooking at high temperature, A2 ghee does not release toxic fumes and retains the nutritional elements of the food.

Concluding Words 

The pure ghee of Kalyya Farms will promote your health and take care of your family's well-being. To provide you the purest form of ghee we ensure the well-being of cows, and treat them well and allow them enough space to roam around and graze on grass. After extracting milk from cows we process ghee with an ancient ghee making method hence this A2 cow ghee benefits everyone. Order Kalyya’s A2 ghee online from website you can also order it amazon.