Why A2 milk is better for you

Why A2 milk is better for you

What is A2 milk

Milk is always known as a nutritious drink because it is a good source of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other various minerals. It contains two major proteins which are casein and whey. A2 milk does have the beta-casein, which is very nutritious for your health. But nowadays most of the milk available from the local grocery shop contains mostly A1 proteins.

Benefits of A2 milk

If you really wonder what is so special about A2 milk, then let us just tell you a few of the benefits of A2 milk:

1. It helps to improve your digestive system: Nowadays most people are lactose intolerant. Lactose Intolerant is basically happened because of the sugar in the milk.A1 protein can increase the inflammation in the digestive system whether A2 milk has significantly less digestive discomfort. A2 milk could be a worth try if you are struggling about

2. Prevents heart disease: Some research has shown us that consuming A2 milk can decrease the risk of heart disease it can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

3. Reduces the chance of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes happens due to less Insulin in the body. The research always suggests that consuming A1 milk is the reason for diabetes. But if you will consume A2 milk it will help you to balance the insulin level in your blood.

4. Decrease the chance of Cancer: By in taking more A1 milk or cow milk can be a reason for cancer especially for women because it contains lots of calcium. But if you will go for A2 milk it does have the basic balance of calcium level in it. So the chance of cancer is automatically reduced.

Why us?

Kalyya Farms is one of the most renowned Farms in Ahmedabad which provides you pure A2 gir cow milk. We use the hand milking process and give complete feed to our cattle. We make sure that there won’t be any compromisation with the quality of the milk. We believe that a healthy lifestyle with healthy consumption of milk can give you a happier life.

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