Fresh Vegetables in Ahmedabad

Kalyya Farm is committed to serving society by promoting healthy. In our small effort to provide goodness to society in the form of pure and Fresh food, we have started the cultivation of green vegetables. Kalyya Farms is known for supplying pure Gir cow Ghee & milk. We are proud to extend our Direct from the farm (DFF) concept to vegetables. The fresh vegetables grown at our farm complies all the standard process of fresh farming. The farming practice is not only safe for people, but also safe for the environment as it reduces pollution, conserves water, increases soil fertility, reduces soil erosion.

Unhealthy food habits, chemicals & pesticides in our vegetables are affecting our health, digestion, and immunity system. Less work, uneven meal timing, less physical work, etc. these all unhealthy activities are silently creating problems in our bodies which cause diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Under the pressure of commercialization and involvement of middleman, the veggies that reaches your home may be treated with chemicals, harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

At Kalyya Farms, we grow and supply fresh vegetables in Ahmedabad without the use of any synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizer and antibiotics, hence, we can ensure the purity and hygiene of our vegetables. We grow vegetables at our farm and supply them directly to our customers without any intermediate. Kalyya Farms fresh vegetables are healthy and safe to consume.