Kalyya Ghee

Rs. 3799/- per ltr

Rs. 3799/- per ltr

Product Price
500 ml 1999/-
1 ltr 3799/-
Product Description

Get immune to all lifestyle diseases with antioxidants from pure Bilona (hand-churned) desi Gir cow ghee by Kalyya. No adulteration, all digestive fats and made from 100% ayurvedic process is equal to Amrit to the human body when consumed.


Gir cow Ghee

Modern lifestyle patterns have resulted in some silent negative effects on our bodies. Our unhealthy food habits force our high intake of spicy, testy and fast foods, bad meal timing, overeating, less physical work, traveling, stress, anger, fear, emotional imbalance, etc. These all physical or mental activities are silently grooming within us and cause lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc. Charak Samhita; the holy Sanskrit textbook of Ayurveda; sutras than chapter 25 mention "सर्पिर्वातपितप्रशामनानां" means desi Gir cow ghee is best among all foods and drugs to avoid maintain the balance in our nutrition level and lifestyle.

We are passionate about Vedic culture and promoting a healthy lifestyle in modern culture. We maintain our Gir cows and our farm with the values and methods described in our Vedas. Kalyya Desi Gir cow ghee is pure, natural, farm-fresh ghee, made from grass-fed Gir cow’s A2 category milk. On Kalyya Farms, we work with only Desi Gir cows.

Buy our A2 ghee online made from only Gir cow milk. Get the doorstep delivery anywhere in Ahmedabad.